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Select the film that’s right for you!

This tint simulator will help you visualize and select window film based on your preferences. State and international laws mandate the type of window film applied to the windows on personal vehicles.

For information on tint laws in the United States and Canada, refer to the International Window Film Association chart here. Consult an authorized OC Tint Shop window film dealer to find the window film most appropriate to fit your automotive needs.

IR Rejection

Block the sun's hot IR rays. keeping a comfortable interior.

UV Rejection

Block the sun’s UV rays and reduce the fading of vehicle’s interior.


A wide range of shades offer privacy for you and your passengers and to keep eyes off valuables inside.


OC Tint Shop window film is offered in a variety of styles and hues, giving you the freedom to design as bold or as subtle as you’d like.

  • No Film

  • 75%

  • 55%

  • 35%

  • 20%

  • 5%

Find Recommendations for Your Vehicle

The following recommendations are meant to show a variety of OC Tint Shop solutions that may meet your needs. Please consult an authorized OC Tint Shop automotive film dealer to discuss your individual window film needs and to determine the most appropriate film for your vehicle.