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What are chrome deletes?

Chrome deletes are a type of aftermarket modification designed to remove the chrome accents on a vehicle.

What can be wrapped?

Most window trims, doors, door edge chrome, and some mirrors.

What can be wrapped?

How long does it last?

Chrome deletes can last from 5-7 years with proper care and maintenance.

What brand wrap do you use?

3M or Avery Dennison vinyl films.


Are chrome deletes permanent?

Chrome deletes using vinyl wraps are usually nonpermanent and can be removed if desired.

How do I clean my vehicle after a chrome delete?

Touchless or a hand wash is recommended, avoid using a power washer on wrapped surfaces.

How long will it last? What is the warranty? What does the warranty cover?

The material has a one year warranty through the manufacturer on material defects. With proper care and maintenance it can last an average of 5-8 years.