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We are the #1 Tint Shop in Orange County. While many shops come and go, we are established and consistent by offering our customers quality products, professional installation & great customer service. We offer the BEST films around with Superior Heat Rejection, Maximum UV Protection and Infrared Rejection. With Heat Rejection, 99.9 UV protection & 97 IR Rejection you will not find a better line of products around. We offer everything from ceramic films up to nano ceramic films.


1. Irvine (Jamboree, between Alton and Barranca)

2. Mission Viejo (Near Irvine Spectrum & South Orange County)


Most films we offer come with UNLIMITED TICKET PROTECTION and our NO FAULT WARRANTY.

(This is a $200-$325 value. We are the ONLY shop to offer this on our top of the line films)


We offer the BEST warranty program around hands down. We include a Full Lifetime Warranty on all of our workmanship. No original receipt, no problem because we properly store and file all of the work we perform. We offer simply the BEST and most trusted window films around that are backed by one of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry. All films are durable, designed to last and virtually maintenance free.

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Film Selection:


Our top-of the line film!

This film has blue hue and blocks out 99.9% UV and 96% IR.

Keeping the inside of the car nice and cool even parked outside in direct sun


A Customer Favorite.

This film has a charcoal hue and blocks out 99.9% IR and 87% IR.

Looks, Rejection, Classic Look, this fim has it all


Nice and Cool

This film has a charcoal hue and blocks out 99% UV and 52-62% IR.

A great ceramic film to block out heat


Budget-Friendly Option
This film has a charcoal hue and blocks out
99% UV and 45-52% IR.
A great ceramic film to block out heat

Film Options

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Do you offer legal tint?

Yes, we carry a 75% (clear) film shade to meet California’s state law.

Does that price include tax?

Yes, all of our prices include tax.

How long will it take to complete my vehicle?

The timing varies depending on what is being done. Tinting just the two front windows takes about 2-3 hours. For a standard vehicle, installs typically take between 3-4 hours to complete. Larger vehicles can take between 5-6 hours. Cars getting all the glass tinted (side windows, rear windshield, front windshield, sunroof(s)) takes a majority of the day and are required to be dropped of for the entire day.

What brand of film do you use?

Our auto films are our own manufactured films. They are specifically designed and formulated to outperform other manufacturers.

What is the difference between the films?

The main difference between our automotive films are the total amount of heat and protection they provide from the sun. In addition, some of the films we offer come with unlimited ticket procession and come with a no-fault warranty.

What are the benefits of vehicle tint?

Automotive tint provides privacy by shading the windows and can also block out the damaging UV and hot IR rays from the sun.

Is there a clear tint?

Yes, we offer a 75% (clear) film.

What is the most common tint shade for a car?

Our most common tint selection is 20% for all side and back windows.

What is the most common tint shade for the two front roll ups?

20% is most common on the two front roll ups, as it matches factory glass best.

What is low angle haze?

Low haze angle is a type of fuzziness that may be visible when looking at a windshield or side window at a steep angle.

How do I clean my window tint?

Wait one week after the film installation before cleaning your windows. We recommend using an ammonia-free glass cleaner with a soft microfiber towel to clean your windows.

Does tint go on the inside or outside?

Tint is applied on the inside of the vehicle.

How long will it last? What is the warranty? What does the warranty cover?

We offer the Best Warranty Program for our customers. Our window film carries a full lifetime warranty on bubbling, peeling and fading along with the full lifetime warranty on our workmanship.

What is the cost?

Prices vary on year, make, and model of the vehicle. It also depends on the type of film you select.

Are there any discounts available?

We do run specials from time to time, please give us a call directly and we will be sure to go over any specials that are running currently.

Why do I need a deposit for my appointment?

We require a 50% deposit to reserve your appointment. This ensures many things run smoothly in our process, but most importantly it keeps everyones time efficient. It blocks off the correct time for our technicians and it allows us to keep our customer’s time efficient while using our services.

Do you hand cut or use a plotter?

We use a computer programmed plotter for a more accurate cut.

What does IR rejection do/mean?

IR stands for Infrared Heat. This is one version of heat that ceramic films reject to help keep the vehicle cooler and provide better protection.

Which film should I choose for great clarity?

Advanced Nano Ceramic or Diamond IR would give the best clarity looking inside out.

Is there a tint that is clear that provides privacy?

Technically No, there aren’t any clear films that provide any privacy. However, our premium ceramic films in a dark shade (20%) provide a clear view out and privacy from the outside of the car looking in during daylight hours.

What is the most common tint shade for the front windshield?

75% is most popular for windshields. It is a clear film designed to block out heat and UV rays.

Can I apply a GPS/Fastrak sticker on top of windshield tint? Will it affect the film if it’s removed at a later time?

Yes you can, but It is not recommended as the film can get damaged if any sticker is removed.

Will tint distort my vision if I have polarized/specialized glasses?

Window film will typically enhance the glass. Depending on the quality of film and the type of sunglass lenses, optical clarity may vary.

Can tint be repaired?

Tint cannot be repaired it needs to be replaced.

Do you remove old film?

Yes, we offer removal of old film.