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We offer a wide variety of decorative window films for commercial and residential applications. We have a range of custom colors, textures, and patterns that work with both interior and exterior installations. Decorative films can add varying ranges of privacy, enhance the appearance of windows, increase safety, and are easy to maintain. We also offer 5ml frost security film, custom frost bands, custom logos cut-outs, logos printed onto frost, artificial turf protection, bird safety film, Solyx Films, 3M Fasara, and vinyl overlays on top of frost. We have decorative solutions to cover all scenarios!

We can also install custom storefront graphics including: lettering, design/logo cut-outs, and custom borders. If you aren’t sure what will look the best, let us help! Our experts will assist with finding the perfect solution.

Decorative Window Film Benefits:

Can create the illusion of custom designed glass with window film at a fraction of the cost.

Can create your own pattern or choose from our many in-house designs.

Innovative patterns.

Complement furnishings, wall coverings, carpeting, and window treatments.

Select films can protect windows from being damaged by birds.

Select films can prevent windows from burning and/or melting artificial turf.

Popular Applications:

  • Bathrooms
  • Shower Doors
  • Showers
  • Front Doors
  • Offices
  • Conference rooms
  • Privacy band

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Does decorative window film provide privacy?

Yes, it can provide privacy for your home and office. There is a wide range of decorative films with varying levels of privacy.

Will decorative film help reduce the glare on my televisions and computers?

Yes, both commercial and residential applications can benefit from the installation of decorative window films.

How long does decorative window film last?

Premium decorative films can last up to 5-15 years if properly maintained.

What’s the turnaround time for custom frost tint? (Cut outs, logos, etc)

The turnaround time for smaller projects is approximately one week. For larger projects, the turnaround time is approximately two weeks. We require a vector file for custom logos or decals.

Can I apply decals/logos underneath or on top of the film after it’s installed?

It is not recommended. If you remove a decal or logo that’s installed on top of film, it may damage the film underneath. It would be the same if you installed a logo under the film as well. The logo underneath the film would get damaged once the film is removed.