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(Color Change Wraps)

  • 3M™ Wrap Film Series 1080 Color Wraps
  • Custom Printed Wraps
  • Hood And Roof Wraps
  • Vehicle Wraps
  • Chrome Delete 

Color Flip, Chrome, Satin, Glossy, Matte, Custom Prints

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What brands do you offer?

We offer vinyl wraps from 3M & Avery Dennison.

How long does it take to wrap a car?

Wrapping a car takes anywhere from 4 days to a week, depending on vehicle and color choice.

What affects the price?

The difficulty of the vehicle, the color/material chosen, and if there is any disassembly required.

Why do I need to wait a week to wash my car/get it wet after a wrap?

It gives the material enough time to cure and ensures that the edges do not lift early on.

How do I clean my wrap?

Touchless or a hand wash is recommended, avoid using a power washer on wrapped surfaces. Polishing or buffing is also not recommended.

Why can’t I use a pressure washer?

Pressure washers can cause the film to lift due to the high pressure of the water. A hand wash with soft water pressure will still clean the vehicle with less chances of getting under the edges of the wrap.

How long will it last? What is the warranty? What does the warranty cover?

The material has a one year warranty through the manufacturer on material defects. With proper care and maintenance it can last an average of 5-8 years.