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We offer a variety of clear security films & tinted security films, which offers solar control and heat reduction. We have security films come in different break strengths to provide different levels of protection. These films provide security for both residential and commercial applications. For commercial applications, we offer a wet glaze attachment system fully sealed with Dow 995 silicone for maximum protection. Our premium security films provide an added level of protection 24/7 for you home or office.
Benefits of Clear Security Window Film:
  • It reduces the risk of being injured by broken glass shards caused by natural disasters, severe weather, vandalism, indoor accidents, etc.
  • Baby-proofs windows to prevent glass shards from injuring children.
  • Protects against smash and grabs, break-ins, and street crime.
  • Bomb blast protection.

Common Applications:

  • Schools
  • Homes
  • Businesses
  • Government Buildings
  • Banks

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Do you have bullet proof window film?

No, our security films are designed to reinforce glass surfaces and not to deter bullets. There are currently no films on the market that are bulletproof.

What are your options for security films?

We offer both clear and a variety of tinted options along with different thickness films.

How thick is your security window film?

Our most popular security films come in 4ml, 7ml, and 8ml options.

Is there a security window film for earthquakes?

Yes, security film prevents glass from breaking away from the window. Installing a 7ml or 8ml security film also helps with bringing older homes up to code for earthquake safety.

Will it prevent smash and grab?

Windows with security film installed hold the broken glass together and significantly slows down any attempt to enter. We offer different thickness films depending on the level of protection desired.

What is an attachment system?

An attachment system is a product that securely keeps the glass and security film attached to the window frame. It’s typically for commercial use and can only be installed depending on the type and thickness of a window frame.

How do you maintain security window film?

We recommend using a soft cloth or a clean synthetic sponge with soapy water to wipe down your windows. Please avoid using any bristle brushes, abrasive scrubbing sponges, or any materials that may have been contaminated with dirt particles. Some brands of paper towels are not recommended because they are coarse enough to put fine scratches on the film and may reduce the polished appearance of the film over time.