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Cancellation Policy

To ensure our customers get exceptional service, we require a 50% non refundable deposit for all appointments. If you miss or cancel your appointment, it will result in loss of the full deposit amount. OC Tint Shop does value your time and we have this time set aside for your vehicle and to ensure quality workmanship.


I, the customer, acknowledge receipt of the listed services & materials, and/or satisfactory completion of the work including proper window film preparation & installation. We assume no liability for the scratching/damaging of the tint due improper care, treatment, maintenance, glass breakage & vandalism. Customer acknowledges we are not responsible for any damages caused by custom window tinting including glass breakage due to improper glass installation, existing glass damage, scoring from previous film installation & glass breakage or scratches caused from removing window film. No glass breakage warranty for skylights, sunroofs & front windshields. We are not responsible for any damage(s) that may occur during installation of front windshield tinting. All sales final, no refunds or exchanges. Balance Due in Full at time of Completion. By submitting payment via the Internet you are agreeing to submit your payment by clicking here & agree it is the same as signing a document.